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January 5, 2022

Swiss Accumed AU941f Electronic Arm Sphygmomanometer (5-year warranty)




Swiss famous brand, the choice of confidence
Display blood pressure: upper and lower pressure (diastolic and systolic blood pressure) and pulse rate
Equipped with the function of calculating the average blood pressure of morning and afternoon on 7/14/21/28, blood pressure management is easier to master
Irregular heart rate (IHB) detection function
High blood pressure warning reminder
With operation error reminder
Displays the standard classification of the World Health Organization’s blood pressure for the user’s immediate reference
Memory function: 2 users, can store a total of 120 records
Can display the average blood pressure of the last 3 times
Real Fuzzy Technology: The user is not used to pre-set the degree of inflation before the measurement, thereby greatly reducing the error value
Automatically inflate to the proper pressure, accurately measure blood pressure
One-button operation: single-button switch, simple operation and easy to use
Movement reminder symbol: If shaking is detected, the machine will show a movement reminder symbol
Automatic shutdown function, save power: automatic shutdown in 1 minute when not in use
Extra-large buttons, suitable for the elderly
Comes with a latex-free patent arm strap
Won the British BHS, EU ESH, CE, American AAMI, IS09001, ISO13485 and other certifications
British Hypertension Society BHS (British Hypertension Society): clinical certification through A/A level, the former A level refers to the systolic blood pressure (SYS.) accuracy level of the sphygmomanometer, the latter A level refers to the sphygmomanometer diastolic blood pressure (DIA .) Accuracy level, A/A is the high accuracy level of BHS certified electronic blood pressure monitor

Warranty: 5 years
Equipped with: 1 arm strap, 4 2A batteries, 1 storage bag


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