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January 5, 2022

Switzerland Accumed HB500 Non-contact Thermometer/Clinical Thermometer (5-year warranty)




Swiss famous brand, the choice of confidence
Non-contact thermometer, no contact, no need to disinfect, safe and sanitary
Precision targeting system
Clinical thermometer with memory function: 9 groups
Suitable for detecting the temperature of any object (such as food, milk bottle, bath water temperature, skin temperature or any liquid temperature)
Can also measure room temperature
Suitable for use in clinics, nursing homes and other institutions, sturdy and durable
The red light emitted by the clinical thermometer is absolutely harmless to the body
Very high accuracy
It only takes 1 second to display body temperature, suitable for institutional use
Fever warning
Automatic shutdown to save power
Low battery reminder
Unit swap: Celsius/Fahrenheit
Won the EU CE, ISO9001 and ISO13485 strict certification, quality is guaranteed

Measuring distance: 5cm
Equipped with special box and battery
Warranty: 5 years


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